A different kind of stem cell therapy yields dramatic benefits

Ever wonder what can be done with stem cells, today, to rejuvenate yourself and/or your loved ones?

This interview opened my eyes to the possibilities!

Hear Mel Gibson tell the story of the rejuvenation of then 92 year old father, about to turn 100 now.  Hear from the good doctor Neil Riordian (who wrote the books on this subject).   Come to RAADFest and meet him in person!  (Sept 20-23, San Diego).

or listen here


  • what are “Golden cells”?
  • what’s the “juice” and what does it do?
  • what are MSCs?
  • what happens to our MSCs if/when we “age normally”?
  • why is it safe for us to receive MSCs cultured from umbilical cords?
  • can we get treatment in the USA?

Have fun with what might this brilliant conversation, unusually short and to the point for Joe Rogan.

Crowd-funded Age Reversal Roadmap

The great folks behind lifespan.io have created an Age Reversal Roadmap:

This is so helpful!  And it’s only going to get better as they add more projects to the map.

Starting at the top,

I found reversal of Genomic instability using NMN, which led me to something I’ve been seeking: a sublingual NAD precursor supplement 

So soon I’ll have a relatively inexpensive (~70 cents/dose) way to experiment with raising my NAD+.

All of our cells ancestors are Still Alive – Dr. Michael West

“All of our cell’s ancestors are still alive”  – I’d never heard this before.  It took me awhile to wrap my brain around the what it meant.

Could that be true?

I thought about it.

Nearly all of my ancestors were already dead.  But my cells – what were their ancestors, and are they dead?  Hmmm… My cells are from the divisions since I was a fertilized egg in utero.  Their ancestors are the egg and sperm from my mother and father.  Those cell’s ancestors are from the egg and sperm of their respective mother and father (my grandparents)… these cell lines have not died, even though my gransparents have died.  These cell lines continue to live in me.   The cell lines go on, even as the individual vessel it rides in ages and dies.

Biology has already solved the problem of mortality.  Immortal cells – cells that persist and replicate “forever” – are already here and have been here for millennia!

I sat there, stunned.

Dr. West explained how he learned this while a student of the great Dr. Leonard Hayflick, and how he’s been leading research into how to “transplant” this immortality capacity from the immortal “germ line” reproductive cells to our other cells.  [For reasons why this is not easy, see Cracking the Aging Code by Josh Mitteldorf.  Evolution has selected for the existing arrangement of programmed death for the individual and “immortality” for only the germ line.  It appears to be a well-defended arrangement with redundant “death to the individual” mechanisms in place. ]

Now, West’s company, BioTime, has found out how to “transplant” this cellular “immortality” enough to be able to make pluripotent stem cells from the aged body cells of  even a hundred plus year old.  These stem cells can and will grow “young” tissues again.  They’ve already used them to regenerate the spinal cord of a quadriplegic.  They’re able to regenerate the cells behind the eye that are the problem in macular degeneration.

Dr. West announced that he’d just released a series of five YouTube videos called “Path to Immortality”.  I’ve yet to track them down, so let me know if you find them and I’ll link them here.


Life and health extension via Biome Rejuvination

Following up on a great conversation today about strategies to stay young and get healthier, one topic was this amazing report on life extension:

Prolonging Life with Fecal Transplants

Huge increase! I then remembered this story about how super probiotic culture called “Bravo Yogurt” is reputedly capable of performing this sort of “transplant”, piecemeal, over time.

Check this Youtube of Dr Marco Ruggiero explaining how Bravo “Yogurt” works. (Note that the most relevant part of the video begins about 34:16.  I linked to that, but if your player starts at the beginning of this long video, just skip out to 34:16 or so.)

The benefits sound very exciting, and I’ve already begun feeling some of them within my first couple of weeks of using my modified Bravo culture (brewed with 8 quarts of Half and Half instead of the recommended 1 quart of Whole Milk).

John Gray’s page has many testimonials mentioning other coincidental positive changes in the lives of people taking this “yogurt”.  I’m just hoping that the gut culture “youthening” effects found in the Max Plank Inst. study referenced above can be had without resorting to using antibiotics to kill my existing flora.

Also of interest is that the above is not the most famous/popular use of this “yogurt”.  That use appears to be Bravo yogurt’s ability to inexpensively make large quantities of the protein GcMAF, used in immune stimulation therapy.  Bravo-Probiotic-Yoghurt-Fact-Sheet-Autism-and-Cancer-GcMAF-FAQ

Yoga, Inflammation and Anti-Inflammatory nutrients/drugs

I love my Yoga and Pilates practices.   I judge they’re very good for my overall health.   They also leave me sore, especially when I “give it my all”.

Meanwhile, anti-inflammatory supplements like aspirin, ibuprofin, omega-3 oils, curcumin, etc. appear to be beneficial in blocking the increasing inflammation that accompanies (and causes?) aging, as well as in reducing cancer risk.  I want to keep the bad/unnecessary inflammation down to a minimum, so using these anti-inflammatory supplements makes sense…. EXCEPT when they’d interfere with the getting the benefits of exercise.  It’s been shown that Ibuprofen interferes with muscle growth that would otherwise be caused by strength training.  So I don’t take Ibuprofen before or after my occasional HIST workouts. But I only do those every 2 weeks or so.

But what about Yoga?   (and Pilates)?

Should I avoid anti-inflammatory supplements around these “lightweight” forms of exercise?  Or might anti-inflammatory supplements help me “get more” out Yoga?

That’s the question.

I’ve not found the answer.   I welcome your thoughts!


How Does Aspirin Work?
Can pain pills kill your bodybuilding gains?
Yoga’s Little Helper: NSAIDS as a Performance Enhancing Drug
Aspirin Dramatically Cuts Prostrate Cancer Risk

Testosterone update: Already freakin’ high

So my test results came back with Total Testosterone at 922, up from 816 the year before.

When I look up where this puts me, it says I’m already above the 95th Percentile for a 45 year old man, though I just turned 64:

Given that I’m already close to my goal (without resorting to Testosterone Replacement Therapy) and given that my testosterone has been increasing, I’m choosing to continue my current “get younger” protocols (particularly Telomerase Induction,  Strength Training, Intermittent Fasting, “ZMA” supplementation, vitamin D and Omega 3s) and see if I can continue to raise my T.

Additionally, I’ve recently learned that boron supplementation can be expected to raise my free testosterone by approximately  28%.   This is HUGE!

Testosterone: Decision to go for it

I’ve never yet been on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).  A year ago, my Testosterone tested rather high for a man my age, so I’m confident that I’m already doing better than most men my age.  I think I’m even doing better than I was in my early 40’s, when I was last tested.  I judge these already higher-than-average levels to be consequences of:

  1. Three years of taking Telomerase Inducing supplements in an attempt to reverse aging at the cellular level.
  2. Dropping body fat below 10% (now since ~Nov 2014)
  3. Efficient Lifting Weight (now every two weeks since ~Nov 2015)

While I judge I’m “rocking it” compared to most of my peers, I’m not yet “playing on as high a level” as I’d like… I still procrastinate more than I want, and I still “fritter” a lot of my time in low-benefit ways.

Since discovering the Manosphere and choosing to embrace my Masculinity, I’ve decided to step consciously into my masculine and I’m pleased with what this change in attitude has done for my experience of life.  Yet I judge that I’m still “playing small” compared to what I’m capable of.  I want to experience what it’s like to turn my Masculinity dial up to 9.5 or 10.

So I’m choosing to do that experiment.  I ordered the necessary hormone tests.  I’ve had my blood drawn.  I’ve contacted a couple of doctors who say they’re willing to help me and plan to “vet” them for compatibility with my goals.  My goal is not just to be “normal”, but to experience being a High Testosterone man – say in the top 2% percentile of healthy 21 year olds.

This decision has been brewing since reading this powerful post by Mike Cernovich.  The “voice” of a high testosterone man rings:

Although we supposedly live in an era where God is dead and science lives, most remain ignorant about the single most important hormone in the body. If Aristotle were around, he would call this hormone the sine qua non of masculinity. Without this drug, you are not a man. Indeed, women who want to “become” men inject this drug.

We are talking, of course, about testosterone.

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Testosterone boosters do not work. If testosterone boosters worked then the very people peddling them would not be on TRT. Test boosters are a scam that many (including myself) have fallen for. Consider it a rite of passage.

TRT is for big boys who can make big boy decisions – not for little kids looking to take a pill that will have magical effects.

Although I have been preaching the benefits of testosterone for almost 20 years, only recently has this hormone penetrated popular consciousness. You now see commercials warning men of low T.

There is one problem. One huge problem.

Chances are that you doctor does not know anything about testosterone. If you have any interest in getting on TRT, you have to educate yourself to avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Inadequate doses of testosterone are prescribed – usually 100 mg every two weeks.
  2. Injections are spaced too far apart. Idiot doctors often tell patients to inject every 2 weeks. This shows a gross incompetence and ignorance of a basic principle of pharmacology – namely half-life and peak blood levels.
  3. Large needles are given to patents. These needles create massive amounts of scar tissue in the muscle fibers

Who is on TRT?

Vitor Belfort, Randy Couture, Joe Rogan, Dan Henderson, Frank Mir, and Chael Sonnen are admitted TRT users. Even the guy who sells Bulletproof Coffee and other overpriced nonsense  is on TRT. (Typical supplement salesperson: He sells one thing but gets his results from something altogether different.)

Pretty much every Hollywood actor and in fact any man who makes his living using his body is on TRT, although they can’t admit it because Midwestern sheep would be appalled to learn that people who get paid millions of dollars based on how they look and perform actually use drugs to improve their looks and performance.

Basically, everyone over 35 or 40 who is not a chump is on TRT. (Obviously everyone is overstating things. But past a certain age a man needs to keep an eye on his test levels. They do start declining and eventually tip you into “low T” territory.)

How do I get on TRT?

See a doctor who knows what he is doing. This eliminates 90% of physicians.

That’s the voice of a strong man on TRT.

To confidently choose TRT, I’ve had to research the science, including especially debunking the myths that fill most doctor and lay people’s minds.  If you look into this, expect that a great proportion of people you talk to will try to scare you and/or talk you out of it.  If you’re a mid-wit consensus-driven thinker, then TRT is probably not for you.  If you want to look beyond the mid wit consensus, I suggest:

  1. Testosterone and Health

  2. Bio-identical Hormones

  3. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Breakthrough in early cancer detection and treatment: ENOX2

Cancer is one of the biggest killers today.  By the time it’s detected, getting rid of it is often painful and expensive if not impossible.  The earlier it’s detected, the more easily it can be treated and cured.  Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to detect cancer so early that it could be cured reliably?

The good news is that this is now possible!

Here’s the report of the science behind the breakthrough, from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress of Dec 2015: Continue reading

Why I “show off”

Yesterday a friend saw me and remarked: “Jerome’s showing off again”.

At first I felt the sting of shame and hurt, realizing that I’m triggering such judgments when I “let my thriving flag” fly.

Why do I “show off” like this?  Because I want others to see living proof that:

We can get younger!  It’s true!

 I’ve gotten younger and so can you!

If I want you to believe me, I’ve got to demonstrate it.  I’ve got to live it!   I am living it.  I invite you to join me!  

On the tree of Life Extension there is a lot of low-hanging fruit.  You don’t have to try all of it at once…  You can start with the “fruit” that most appeals to you.   Some are super-easy and inexpensive, like adding vitamin D3 supplements.  Others are more work, like intermittent fasting or efficient exercise.  Others are easy but cost a bit of money, like telomerase activation.   But for practically all of you, some will be a “fit” for your way of living and help you get more out of this wonderful life.

I’d love to show you how!

Book a presentation now.



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