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Testosterone and Health

Testosterone!  We all need it (especially men, but even women need it).  It declines after age 30, and it’s also been declining rapidly for more than 50 years from man-made chemicals entering our bodies.  Testosterone Deficiency is associated with many disease conditions.  The popular conception is that Testosterone replacement is dangerous, but the evidence is that Testosterone Replacement reduces overall mortality and even prostrate cancer risk, despite misinformed beliefs to the contrary.If you (or someone you love) is male, I encourage you to watch this presentation (or at least scan the slide snapshots below) to “get” this topic.  (Though the presentation is focused toward using Testosterone Replacement Therapy to “fix” Testosterone Deficiency, there are also more natural means to increase one’s testosterone without resorting to HRT.  I’ll cover those in another post.)


To save on your machine, download the mp3 (audio only) here, or download the mp4 (video) here

Watching this for a third time, I’m even more impressed how much better almost all health outcomes appear to be when men have high-normal testosterone vs when they have low or low-normal testosterone.  Even when the high testosterone is achieved via replacement therapy!  Very much different from what I’d picked up from “mainstream consciousness exposure”.

  • Lower all-cause mortality
  • Lower risk of Alzheimers
  • Lower risk of Cancer (including prostrate cancer)
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower cardiovascular disease
  • Better body condition
  • Better mood
  • More drive and ambition

Testosterone Optimization-00_00_03-00001

He’s not being paid by Big Pharma – he’s paid by his (reputedly happy) patients

Testosterone Optimization-00_00_07-00002

Is that him as a young man on the left?

Testosterone Optimization-00_00_48-00004

Used to be in Emergency Medicine…

Testosterone Optimization-00_02_05-00007

This is how it looks to him.  I think he’s still putting the cart before the horse, or begging the question, because something causes hormones to decline – I suspect it’s age related signaling, perhaps driven by telomere shortening.

Testosterone Optimization-00_03_00-00008

Regardless of what we call it, it’s a downer for the man experiencing it

Testosterone Optimization-00_04_23-00009

Testosterone Deficiency ==> Wasting away

Testosterone Optimization-00_05_04-00011


Testosterone Optimization-00_05_09-00012

What’s considered “normal” in 50-70 year olds would be considered a catastrophe in younger men!

Testosterone Optimization-00_08_17-00019

Cheap plastics aren’t quite so cheap when we pay with our health and vitality

Testosterone Optimization-00_08_46-00022

Lots of negative consequences to low “T”

Testosterone Optimization-00_09_04-00023

I’d say it’s amazing that this result is not more widely known!  This is bigger than 95% of the study results that are reported, yet it’s kept quiet.  Hmmmm….  Next thing you know those crazy conspiracy nuts will be suspecting that the “powers that be” would rather have low “T” men.   Nonsense!

Testosterone Optimization-00_10_06-00024

All cause mortality reduced to 44% of “normal”!    The full paper: European Heart Journal – 2015 August

Testosterone Optimization-00_11_21-00025


Testosterone Optimization-00_11_34-00026

Another good report.  Link to full article: Testosterone treatment and mortality in men with low testosterone levels.

Testosterone Optimization-00_12_01-00028


Testosterone Optimization-00_12_34-00029


Testosterone Optimization-00_12_58-00031

Someday (when I have nothing better to do) I’d love to get to the bottom of the “fuzzy math”, but for the moment I’ll just chalk it up to a possible “perception management” or other agenda-based reporting.

Testosterone Optimization-00_13_50-00035

The Raw data sure looks like T is protective.

Testosterone Optimization-00_14_02-00036

I’m so glad I didn’t go into law…

Testosterone Optimization-00_14_14-00037

Low Serum Testosterone and Mortality in Male Veterans

(It looks like all of these citations are easy to look up – rather than do more of them now I’ll leave that as an exercise to those so interested)

Testosterone Optimization-00_14_42-00041

Looks like declining T is “upstream” of many of the symptoms of aging.

Testosterone Optimization-00_15_04-00042

Testosterone Optimization-00_15_30-00043

Testosterone Optimization-00_16_56-00046

Testosterone Optimization-00_17_24-00047

Testosterone Optimization-00_17_47-00049

Testosterone Optimization-00_18_02-00050

Testosterone Optimization-00_18_16-00052

Testosterone Optimization-00_19_23-00053

Testosterone Optimization-00_19_32-00054

Testosterone Optimization-00_20_40-00057

Testosterone Optimization-00_20_48-00058

Testosterone Optimization-00_20_53-00059

Testosterone Optimization-00_21_02-00060

Testosterone Optimization-00_21_22-00063

Testosterone Optimization-00_22_38-00064

Testosterone Optimization-00_22_48-00065

Testosterone Optimization-00_22_56-00067

Testosterone Optimization-00_24_19-00072

Testosterone Optimization-00_24_24-00073

Testosterone Optimization-00_24_40-00074

Testosterone Optimization-00_24_48-00075

Testosterone Optimization-00_24_57-00076

Testosterone Optimization-00_25_48-00079

Testosterone Optimization-00_26_28-00083

Testosterone Optimization-00_27_03-00087

Testosterone Optimization-00_27_25-00088

Testosterone Optimization-00_28_17-00090

Testosterone Optimization-00_28_27-00091

Testosterone Optimization-00_28_30-00092

Testosterone Optimization-00_28_54-00094

Testosterone Optimization-00_29_59-00097

Testosterone Optimization-00_30_08-00099

Testosterone Optimization-00_30_24-00102

Testosterone Optimization-00_30_44-00103


Here are the “Optimal” ranges according to Dr. Rothenberg:Testosterone Optimization-00_31_28-00107

Testosterone Optimization-00_31_47-00108

Testosterone Optimization-00_32_13-00110

Testosterone Optimization-00_32_48-00113

Testosterone Optimization-00_33_37-00115

Testosterone Optimization-00_34_01-00117

Testosterone Optimization-00_34_37-00119

Testosterone Optimization-00_35_37-00121

Testosterone Optimization-00_36_23-00125

Testosterone Optimization-00_37_01-00128

Testosterone Optimization-00_37_47-00131

Testosterone Optimization-00_38_59-00133

Testosterone Optimization-00_39_11-00134

Testosterone Optimization-00_39_16-00136

Testosterone Optimization-00_39_22-00137

Testosterone Optimization-00_39_27-00138

Testosterone Optimization-00_39_42-00140

Testosterone Optimization-00_40_05-00141

Testosterone Optimization-00_40_22-00143

Testosterone Optimization-00_40_35-00145

Testosterone Optimization-00_41_12-00147

Testosterone Optimization-00_42_05-00149

Testosterone Optimization-00_43_11-00150

Testosterone Optimization-00_44_31-00151

Testosterone Optimization-00_44_42-00152

Testosterone Optimization-00_45_14-00153

Testosterone Optimization-00_45_38-00154

Testosterone Optimization-00_45_47-00155

Testosterone Optimization-00_46_17-00156

Testosterone Optimization-00_46_32-00157

Testosterone Optimization-00_46_53-00159

Testosterone Optimization-00_47_07-00160

Testosterone Optimization-00_47_49-00164

Conclusion: Testosterone looks to be very, very important to male health.  To stay young, I’ll want to keep my testosterone levels around “high normal” for a relatively young man, if I can.  This may be possible without supplementation, if I keep my body fat low, exercise efficiently, and eat the right foods.  Otherwise, it appears that Testosterone supplementation is a viable option that can provide many benefits, especially for men who have less hope of raising their levels naturally.

Your thoughts?

– Jerome Verhasselt, “Get Young” enthusiast, at age 62 2015-12-26-MtTam-clear-day-arms-down_crop

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