Why I “show off”

Yesterday a friend saw me and remarked: “Jerome’s showing off again”.

At first I felt the sting of shame and hurt, realizing that I’m triggering such judgments when I “let my thriving flag” fly.

Why do I “show off” like this?  Because I want others to see living proof that:

We can get younger!  It’s true!

 I’ve gotten younger and so can you!

If I want you to believe me, I’ve got to demonstrate it.  I’ve got to live it!   I am living it.  I invite you to join me!  

On the tree of Life Extension there is a lot of low-hanging fruit.  You don’t have to try all of it at once…  You can start with the “fruit” that most appeals to you.   Some are super-easy and inexpensive, like adding vitamin D3 supplements.  Others are more work, like intermittent fasting or efficient exercise.  Others are easy but cost a bit of money, like telomerase activation.   But for practically all of you, some will be a “fit” for your way of living and help you get more out of this wonderful life.

I’d love to show you how!

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Loves researching and practicing ways to "get younger".

Suchristy@aol.com - 2016-08-27

Hi Jerome,
I’d like to sign up at Isagenix and order Product B and maybe some sleep potion.
The Isagenix website says to contact you to make an order. So what are our next steps?

Also we had a fabulous time w you and S these last few days. What beauty and easy friendship. Thank you for your hospitality, information and support for our rejuvenation. s 415 488 4880

Suchristy@aol.com - 2016-08-27

Hope this is private.

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