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Testosterone update: Already freakin’ high

So my test results came back with Total Testosterone at 922, up from 816 the year before.

When I look up where this puts me, it says I’m already above the 95th Percentile for a 45 year old man, though I just turned 64:

Given that I’m already close to my goal (without resorting to Testosterone Replacement Therapy) and given that my testosterone has been increasing, I’m choosing to continue my current “get younger” protocols (particularly Telomerase Induction,  Strength Training, Intermittent Fasting, “ZMA” supplementation, vitamin D and Omega 3s) and see if I can continue to raise my T.

Additionally, I’ve recently learned that boron supplementation can be expected to raise my free testosterone by approximately  28%.   This is HUGE!

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