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Yoga, Inflammation and Anti-Inflammatory nutrients/drugs

I love my Yoga and Pilates practices.   I judge they’re very good for my overall health.   They also leave me sore, especially when I “give it my all”.

Meanwhile, anti-inflammatory supplements like aspirin, ibuprofin, omega-3 oils, curcumin, etc. appear to be beneficial in blocking the increasing inflammation that accompanies (and causes?) aging, as well as in reducing cancer risk.  I want to keep the bad/unnecessary inflammation down to a minimum, so using these anti-inflammatory supplements makes sense…. EXCEPT when they’d interfere with the getting the benefits of exercise.  It’s been shown that Ibuprofen interferes with muscle growth that would otherwise be caused by strength training.  So I don’t take Ibuprofen before or after my occasional HIST workouts. But I only do those every 2 weeks or so.

But what about Yoga?   (and Pilates)?

Should I avoid anti-inflammatory supplements around these “lightweight” forms of exercise?  Or might anti-inflammatory supplements help me “get more” out Yoga?

That’s the question.

I’ve not found the answer.   I welcome your thoughts!


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