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Life and health extension via Biome Rejuvination

Following up on a great conversation today about strategies to stay young and get healthier, one topic was this amazing report on life extension:

Prolonging Life with Fecal Transplants

Huge increase! I then remembered this story about how super probiotic culture called “Bravo Yogurt” is reputedly capable of performing this sort of “transplant”, piecemeal, over time.

Check this Youtube of Dr Marco Ruggiero explaining how Bravo “Yogurt” works. (Note that the most relevant part of the video begins about 34:16.  I linked to that, but if your player starts at the beginning of this long video, just skip out to 34:16 or so.)

The benefits sound very exciting, and I’ve already begun feeling some of them within my first couple of weeks of using my modified Bravo culture (brewed with 8 quarts of Half and Half instead of the recommended 1 quart of Whole Milk).

John Gray’s page has many testimonials mentioning other coincidental positive changes in the lives of people taking this “yogurt”.  I’m just hoping that the gut culture “youthening” effects found in the Max Plank Inst. study referenced above can be had without resorting to using antibiotics to kill my existing flora.

Also of interest is that the above is not the most famous/popular use of this “yogurt”.  That use appears to be Bravo yogurt’s ability to inexpensively make large quantities of the protein GcMAF, used in immune stimulation therapy.  Bravo-Probiotic-Yoghurt-Fact-Sheet-Autism-and-Cancer-GcMAF-FAQ

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