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Breakthrough in early cancer detection and treatment: ENOX2

By jyoung / 2016-12-01

Cancer is one of the biggest killers today.  By the time it’s detected, getting rid of it is often painful and expensive if not impossible.  The earlier it’s detected, the more easily it can be treated and cured.  Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to detect cancer so early that it could […]


Bio-identical Hormones

By jyoung / 2016-01-20

What is a Bio-identical Hormone? What happens with hormone levels as we age, and how does that affect our health? Does Progesterone protect against Breast Cancer? Does Testosterone protect against Alzheimer’s Disease?


Testosterone and Health

By jyoung / 2016-01-18

Testosterone!  We all need it (especially men, but even women need it).  It declines after age 30, and it’s also been declining rapidly for more than 50 years from man-made chemicals entering our bodies.  Testosterone Deficiency is associated with many disease conditions.  The popular conception is that Testosterone replacement is dangerous, but the evidence is […]


How Short Telomeres Cause Cancer

By Jerome Verhasselt / 2015-12-19

In the Dec 17 issue of Cell, researchers published results showing how short telomeres ("telomere crisis") can lead to cancer.  I judge that this helps confirm that my strategy of Telomerase Activation is helping prevent future cancers.  It also helps to confirm Dr. Ed Park's "Stem Cell Theory of Aging" and his "Telomere Timebomb theory […]