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Life and health extension via Biome Rejuvination

By jyoung / 2017-06-16

Following up on a great conversation today about strategies to stay young and get healthier, one topic was this amazing report on life extension: Prolonging Life with Fecal Transplants Huge increase! I then remembered this story about how super probiotic culture called “Bravo Yogurt” is reputedly capable of performing this sort of “transplant”, piecemeal, over […]


Research notes: Reflux, Gut Biome, Barrett’s esophagus, etc

By jyoung / 2016-03-01

Started here:–8217-s-esophagus-is-hard-to-sto.html The above article was especially interesting.  I felt I needed better images, however, and did an image search: This led me to many frightening images, before coming upon: which offers a $29.95 book documenting a “cure” I decided to purchase How_I_Cured_My_Barretts_Esophagus, which came with a 60 day money-back […]