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Why I “show off”

By jyoung / 2016-08-19

Yesterday a friend saw me and remarked: “Jerome’s showing off again”. At first I felt the sting of shame and hurt, realizing that I’m triggering such judgments when I “let my thriving flag” fly. Why do I “show off” like this?  Because I want others to see living proof that: We can get younger!  It’s true! […]


RAAD Fest: Anticipation

By jyoung / 2016-08-12

We’re about to begin… The excitement in the room is palpable!   This is not your run-of-the-mill science symposium…


RAAD Fest: Arrival

By jyoung / 2016-08-11

RAAD Fest: Over 900 people from over 30 countries coming together to celebrate being part of the first immortal generation! Revolution Against Aging and Death