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A different kind of stem cell therapy yields dramatic benefits

By jyoung / 2018-06-11

Ever wonder what can be done with stem cells, today, to rejuvenate yourself and/or your loved ones? This interview opened my eyes to the possibilities! Hear Mel Gibson tell the story of the rejuvenation of then 92 year old father, about to turn 100 now.  Hear from the good doctor Neil Riordian (who wrote the […]


All of our cells ancestors are Still Alive – Dr. Michael West

By jyoung / 2017-08-10

“All of our cell’s ancestors are still alive”  – I’d never heard this before.  It took me awhile to wrap my brain around the what it meant. Could that be true? I thought about it. Nearly all of my ancestors were already dead.  But my cells – what were their ancestors, and are they dead?  […]