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Why I “show off”

By jyoung / 2016-08-19

Yesterday a friend saw me and remarked: “Jerome’s showing off again”. At first I felt the sting of shame and hurt, realizing that I’m triggering such judgments when I “let my thriving flag” fly. Why do I “show off” like this?  Because I want others to see living proof that: We can get younger!  It’s true! […]


Telomeres Lengthened in Human Study

By jyoung / 2016-04-12

At last, a “gold standard” study showing Telomere Lengthening in Humans! Full text of the study is here. Dr Ed. Park summarizes the results: At last, we have a well-designed study showing TA-65 lengthens telomeres in human subjects. Salvador et al (Rejuvenation Research.2016 Mar 30] This was a double-blinded (patients and researchers not aware what […]


Deborah (age 62!) after 4 years on TA-65

By jyoung / 2016-03-05

She’s reportedly been taking the Telomerase Activator TA-65 at four caps per night for four years now. I think she’s doing pretty well! From Dr. Park’s article here. In a similar vein, here’s Harold Rosen (Inventor of the Geosynchronous Satellite) doing the traveling rings at age 88: (He also takes TA-65) Here he is at […]


Action Plan: Telomeres

By jyoung / 2016-02-06

Telomere shortening is a fundamental “clock” in the aging program. To get younger, I want to lengthen my telomeres!


Viva Bioviva Sciences!

By jyoung / 2016-02-04

BioViva Science has boldly done what needed doing: they’ve asserted our basic human right to make voluntary, non-violent use of currently available technology to intervene in the aging process! Their CEO, Liz Parrish, is the first human ever to receive gene therapy to insert the gene for Telomerase into her living cells.  The hope is […]


Get Young Club pre-launch

By Jerome Verhasselt / 2016-01-09

Welcome! I’m excited to have begun inviting interested (and interesting) selected people to join this exclusive club where we can share the benefits of the exciting, emerging technology of Age Reversal! A new and improved version of this website is currently being built to better serve our mission. At the same time, we have a […]


How Short Telomeres Cause Cancer

By Jerome Verhasselt / 2015-12-19

In the Dec 17 issue of Cell, researchers published results showing how short telomeres ("telomere crisis") can lead to cancer.  I judge that this helps confirm that my strategy of Telomerase Activation is helping prevent future cancers.  It also helps to confirm Dr. Ed Park's "Stem Cell Theory of Aging" and his "Telomere Timebomb theory […]