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Why I “show off”

By jyoung / 2016-08-19

Yesterday a friend saw me and remarked: “Jerome’s showing off again”. At first I felt the sting of shame and hurt, realizing that I’m triggering such judgments when I “let my thriving flag” fly. Why do I “show off” like this?  Because I want others to see living proof that: We can get younger!  It’s true! […]


Reporting from RAAD Fest this weekend

By jyoung / 2016-08-02

RAAD Fest is happening Aug 4-7, and I plan to be reporting as much and as “live” as I can. Twitter: @2getyoung Email to subscribe to updates.  You can unsubscribe at any time.


Action Plan: Telomeres

By jyoung / 2016-02-06

Telomere shortening is a fundamental “clock” in the aging program. To get younger, I want to lengthen my telomeres!


Get Young Club pre-launch

By Jerome Verhasselt / 2016-01-09

Welcome! I’m excited to have begun inviting interested (and interesting) selected people to join this exclusive club where we can share the benefits of the exciting, emerging technology of Age Reversal! A new and improved version of this website is currently being built to better serve our mission. At the same time, we have a […]


The Obstacle

By Jerome Verhasselt / 2015-12-20

Pondering the Obstacle, I recall this quote from Michael Fossel:  (emphasis mine)    "The assumption — shared by the public, scientists, and researchers — has been that aging is a simple, passive accumulation of damage for which there is no realistic intervention.  Aging can't be reversed and age-related diseases can't be cured.  Age-related diseases can […]


Why I’m starting this blog

By Jerome Verhasselt / 2015-12-19

For weeks now, I've realized that I want a place to host the wonderful community that is forming around all the wonderful discoveries being made in the field of "Getting Younger". Proposed Topics include: Body Telomere Lengthening Telomerase Activation Telomerase Gene Therapy Metabolic Conditioning Strength Training Balance Training Yoga Pilates Flexibility Yoga Pilates Mind Meditation […]