Hormone Testing Experience

Last week (after reading some very lively threads) I realized I really wanted to know my Testosterone and Estrogen levels.

I followed the procedure Mike Cernovitch suggests, ordering up an inexpensive sex hormone panel for under $60, went in to a nearby lab and had blood drawn (by an interesting woman from the Ukraine), and less than three days later I know *a lot* more about my sex hormone levels than I did last week.

Click to view test result report as PDF.

The nutshell is that my Total Testosterone came in at 816, and Estradiol at 45.2, both of which are within the “Optimal” range:vlcsnap-2016-01-18-17h33m59s319Testosterone Optimization-00_36_23-00125according to Ron Rothenberg MD

How do I feel about this?  Relieved (that I’m not arguably deficient) and also a bit disappointed (that I don’t have the diagnosis of a deficiency, the curing of which might solve all my problems and turn me into the superman that I hope to be).

So it’s a mixed blessing.  I’d still like to know what being a fully masculine man feels like, if it’s different from how I already feel.  I’d also like to know more details, like the “Free” and “Bioavailable” Testosterone as compared to the Total Testosterone.  I could have bought that test for extra money but thought it was likely not necessary.

I do feel good that my T is as high as it is – I attribute this to my two years of taking Telomere Support Supplements in an attempt to reverse my aging – I think this score, at age 62, is further evidence that my program is working.

A confounding factor is that when I had this test done, I’d been taking DHEA, 100mg/day, oral, for about a 8 days.  It turns out that this likely raised my Testosterone, Estradiol and lowered my SHBG, as well likely making me a lot more irritable.  (I’ve since stopped the oral DHEA, so I will want to re-test after it clears from my system.)

Viva Bioviva Sciences!

BioViva Science has boldly done what needed doing: they’ve asserted our basic human right to make voluntary, non-violent use of currently available technology to intervene in the aging process!

Their CEO, Liz Parrish, is the first human ever to receive gene therapy to insert the gene for Telomerase into her living cells.  The hope is that this therapy will enable her to reverse the telomere shortening that is thought to drive most / all of the diseases of aging.   She has done this self-experiment (which benefits science and all decent people) without begging permission from the Powers that Be within the Medical-Industrial Complex.  For this “crime” she’s been attacked by some.  I applaud her!  I applaud the team at BioViva! Continue reading

Are you addicted to some foods? (I was)

Are you addicted to some foods?
I was!  (and still am, but now I don’t feed the addiction so it does not bother me)
Today I clicked this link:
What I learned is that I’m very susceptible to (refined) food” addiction.  No surprise in my case.  This led me to explore her offerings, which I judge are very valuable if one wants to become “happy, thin and free”.   What she’s offering will be helpful to anyone who wants to get and stay thin, whether one is susceptible to refined foods or not.
The first video in the series depends on one’s quiz score – if you take the quiz you’ll be taken to the appropriate video.  My quiz score result was 10, leading me to:

Quiz score: 10

(Your result will likely be different.)

The follow-on videos are the same for everyone:
You can see more of her work here: Susan Pierce Thompson.  Highly Recommended! Continue reading
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